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Do your hands ever feel tight or achy? Is it a challenge to do daily activities such as open lids, crochet, or hold objects for a sustained amount of time? If so, this program may be just what you need! Through the application of self-massage, stretching, and exercises, we will increase the flexibility and strength of your hands, wrists, and fingers.  After four weeks, you should feel less tension, less pain, and more strength in your hands, making daily demands easier and more enjoyable.  Do the routines anytime, anywhere.  With lifetime access, you can repeat this program as many times as you want!

Results are guaranteed or your money will be returned to you, courtesy of our 30 Day Refund Policy.


  • Decrease tension and pain in hands, fingers, and wrists.
  • Increase strength and flexibility in the hand and wrist complex.
  • Make hands more mobile so daily demands become easier and more enjoyable


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