Hand, Finger, & Wrist Mobility


Do your hands ever feel stiff or achy? Is it a challenge to do daily activities such as open lids, crochet, or hold objects for a sustained amount of time? If so, this program may be just what you need!

Program Details

Through the application of self-massage, stretching, and exercises, we will increase the flexibility and strength of your hands, wrists, and fingers.  After four weeks, you should feel less stiffness, more flexibility, and more strength in your hands and wrists, making daily demands easier and more enjoyable.  Results are guaranteed or your money will be returned to you, courtesy of our 30 Day Refund Policy.  Scroll to the bottom of page for a list of FAQs.

Program Includes:

  • 4 Week Program with both video and written exercise instruction
  • 10-13 Minute Routines
  • Exercise Library with nearly 40 exercises
  • Detailed PDF Guides
  • Lifetime Access

Equipment Needed:

  • Sturdy table
  • Pen or marker (about the thickness of Sharpie)
  • Kitchen towel
  • 2 identical stress balls, putty, washcloths, or other soft objects you can squeeze
  • 2 strong rubber bands or hair ties
  • Light weights (start with 1/2 or 1 lb each and increase if you need a bigger challenge)

Workout Anywhere

No gym required. My programs are designed to be completed from the comfort of your own home.

Meet Your Fitness Goals

Whatever your fitness goals, my programs will help you achieve them in a safe, sustainable way.

90 Day Refund Policy

If you are unhappy with a program for any reason, request a full refund within 90 days of purchase.

How Long Are the Routines?

Each video is about 10-12 minutes long.  Additionally, there are two optional steps you can take to tackle tension and aches in the hand and forearm complex:

  • Using heat before the routine helps increase circulation and make your muscles more pliable.  This step adds another 5-30 minutes.
  • Using ice after the routine helps reduce inflammation, pain, and swelling.  This step adds another 5-20 minutes

**Heat and ice can easily be combined with other activites such as being on the computer or watching TV.

***You will learn more about heat and ice on Day 1.


How Long Is the Program?

This program is 4 weeks long if you do one video each day.  It will take longer if you take time off.

  • It’s important to emphasize that you are a HUMAN and not a machine!  You are busy, and life happens.  Just do your best to show up and complete the program at a pace that works for you.  It’s totally fine if this takes more than 4 weeks to complete!  Don’t ever beat yourself up.  Be kind to yourself.  Celebrate the small wins.  =)


Should I Do More Exercise Outside of This Program?

This exercise program does not focus on cardio, strengthening, or flexibility outside of the hand and forearm complex.  Therefore, it is a good idea to begin an exercise program that focuses on all of these components.

**If you are a beginner, consider checking out my First Steps Home Fitness program, Phase 1 to begin the rest of your exercise journey.

For ideas on how to fit more movement into your life, read this article here: How to Fit More Movement Into Your Life


What If I Become Sick, Sore, or Injured?

If you are…

Sore: Sometimes when we exercise, we can develop soreness in our muscles that may linger for several days as we strengthen our muscles.  If the muscles in your hands and/or forearms are sore, take a day or two off until the soreness subsides.

Sick: Take as many days off as you need to until you are no longer sick.  Being sick and fatigued can sometimes cause exercisers to make mistakes that can result in injury.

Injured: If you experience an injury while doing this program, do not do any routines involving the injured part of your body until you see a doctor and get medical advice on how to proceed.


What Can I Do if the Website or Videos Are Slow?

If the website and videos are taking a long time to load or keep pausing, try some of the following tips:

  • Close all your other internet tabs.  Having multiple tabs or windows open for your internet browser can slow down your computer and make other websites take a longer time to load.
  • Close other programs and applications on your computer.  If your computer has multiple programs open, it has to use power for multiple things and can create slowness across the board.
  • Try another browser.  For various reasons, your current browser may not be working properly.  Try another one such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari (Apple).
  • Try clearing your cache.  If the above three options are not working, try clearing your cache on your preferred internet browser.  This article here explains what cache is and how to clear it for optimal computer performance.
  • Check your internet connection.  If none of these options are working, you may have a weak internet connection.  Wi-fi is not as strong as using an ethernet cable, so you may want to connect your computer to your internet router through an ethernet cable.


How Can I Watch the Videos on My TV?

As of right now, the platform I host my videos on does not have the capability to cast videos to your TV.  However, you can connect your phone or laptop to your TV through an HDMI cable.

Here are some links to purchase HDMI cables for various devices from Amazon (you can find these cables in other large stores as well):

**Please note: Due to technology variations among different devices, the following cables may not be compatible with your specific device.  Always check the specifications to see if they are compatible with yours!  You can also search the internet for “_____ HDMI cable.”  Fill in the blank with your device name!


What Can I Do After the Program Is Over?

  1. Continue to do hand mobility exercises.  Take the exercises, stretches, and massages that you enjoyed and work them into your daily routine.  For example, when you are reading something on your computer or watching TV, do a stretch or give yourself a short massage.
    1. You have lifetime access to this course, so feel free to repeat this program whenever you want!
  2. Exercise!  If you enjoyed this program, I strongly encourage you to check out some of my other at-home fitness programs.  My First Steps Home Fitness series is designed for beginners who are looking for a complete exercise program.