I can’t recommend Mary highly enough, especially for folks who are newer to, and potentially anxious about, fitness. She has a wonderful supportive and cheerful energy and is able to meet her clients where they are, no stress and no pressure. Need to modify literally everything or need help recovering from an injury? No problem, Mary’s got you. I’ve used her services, friends and family have used her services, and she’s always my first recommendation when people are looking for personal trainers.

- Erin M.

Mary is kind, supportive, knowledgeable and so much more. She gets to know you and your goals and makes them happen. She holds you accountable but also understands that you have a life and is able to help you find a balance so you can stick to the program. Her workouts are challenging but not intimidating. She actually makes working out fun (a sentence I never thought I would say). What I find most impressive is her knowledge of the human body and different work out methods. She is constantly keeping up to date with the latest research and imparting that knowledge to her clients so you are working out smarter not harder. My sister and I are looking forward to many more sessions with Mary.

- Becky D.

When I started working with Mary three years ago, my hip was hurting so much that it caused me to limp and to walk up stairs by placing both feet on each step. Mary gave me exactly the right exercises to eliminate that pain! More recently, chronic inflammation and arthritis have developed in my shoulders, causing severe pain. Once again, Mary has been helping to ease the pain by showing me the exercises that are just right in my current condition. Additionally, my balance and posture are both better, and I am stronger! She is also very patient, very encouraging, and tailors my workout to my age and needs. Mary also coaches me on my nutrition, which needed improvement for sure. I just found out that my cholesterol level has dropped by 30 points! Woo hoo! I am an active grandma to my grandkids and Mary is helping me to be able to stay that way!

- Kathy G.

Mary’s training video program was a great fit for me because as someone who doesn’t exercise regularly, she made it easy to follow along and the videos progressed with foundations she taught. It felt doable with my busy schedule and it built my confidence in my abilities.

- Sammi C.

Mary is awesome! I have a health condition that prevented me from working out for a couple of years, and I was worried I wouldn’t be able to work out again because of the symptoms exercise triggered. Mary, however, developed a game plan that slowly eased me back in over the course of several months. Now, I’m at a point where I can workout regularly again without issue. She’s wholeheartedly invested in her clients, and this is clear based on the time and attention she puts into every session. Mary spent time researching my condition in order to be better informed for me. Each session is tailored to my needs, and I feel stronger now than I have in a long time. I attribute that all to her!

- Sumi S.

Working with Mary has been fantastic. My confidence around fitness and health had just been so low lately, but Mary has been so patient with my journey and provided me sustainable options for my future and reframed my relationship with exercise. She helped me get back to my dancing roots, allowing me to see the significance of feel good movement (and a new dance playlist can’t hurt!). Can not recommend her enough for folks that are anxious or new to fitness.

- Lindsay S.

Mary is a great trainer. She is positive, encouraging and never makes you feel bad if you are struggling. She adapts to your needs and really listens to your goals. She tailors the work to any physical limitations, gives you great ideas on alternative exercises, and follows through. Extremely responsive and communicative. My experience with Mary has been great.

- Gabrielle N.

Mary is the best personal trainer. She started working with me during a difficult time in life. I was very stressed in my job, and Mary would meet me with acceptance of where I was each time I showed up. I remember I did not want to work out, and she suggested we do some yoga to help relieve stress. Mary was always willing to push me when I needed it and help me find happiness for exercise. Mary is excellent, and I am so glad she came into my life when she did. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a trainer or a workout routine. She is the best!

- Sarah T.

Mary Arciero is kind, thoughtful, and knowledgeable. Before starting to work out with her, I was an exercise novice. She has taught me how to exercise in a way that is focused on form and preventing injury. When I started I never imagined that I would soon be able to lift heavyweights. Working with her has helped me prioritize doing daily physical activity, which has not only made my body stronger but has reduced my stress levels and improved my mental health.

- Lori D.

I have had many Personal Trainers over the years, but Mary stands out as one of the best. She is very energetic, organized, and passionate about Personal Training.

- David F.

Mary is an amazing personal trainer! If you’re looking for someone to motivate you on your fitness journey, provide knowledgeable guidance, and keep you accountable, look no further! Mary was a perfect fit from the very beginning. In the first few weeks, I saw improvement in my muscle strength, cardiovascular endurance, and overall wellness. My goal of just wanting to be fit and “live to 100” wasn’t an easy one to define, but Mary was able to craft a workout plan that fit the bill. I was so happy after my initial session package, that I added more.
- Elaina G.

Mary is absolutely AMAZING. I took a yoga class with her online and I kid you not, folks… my entire mindset was changed for the better that evening and I even slept so well!! I highly recommend her for yoga and any other fitness goals you may have. She truly cares about each of her clients and it is beyond evident in the care she gives to planning each session. She WILL get you to whatever your fitness goals are and will do so in the most uplifting, caring and altogether humane manner! I highly HIGHLY recommend her. .

- Kat C.

Mary is such a fun personal trainer. She keeps you motivated and her videos are great – it feels like she is really in the room with you! She is supportive and caring. It’s obvious she has a passion for helping people. Cannot recommend her enough.

- Nicole G.

Mary is such a kind, enthusiastic, and caring trainer. Her knowledge and passion for fitness are apparent in every video or training session. She truly cares for her clients by meeting them where they are and developing a plan to get them to where they want to be. She is also very entertaining and personable which makes the workouts go by quickly!

- Leigh B.

Mary is an amazing personal trainer who shows a clear passion for fitness and makes exercising fun. She created a fitness plan for 4 participants for a fitness study and was able to create a workout that would be challenging, but fun and never got boring. All of the participants showed an improvement, thanks to Mary’s workout plans. She was extremely supportive, knowledgeable and easy to work with. I would highly recommend Mary as a personal fitness trainer for anyone who is looking to begin a workout routine or improve on their current workout routine!
- Lauren N.

Mary has been such a blessing to me for the past almost two years, as she saw me through infertility treatment, IVF, pregnancy, and becoming a new mom. She has adapted our work together to me as my needs and body have changed, following the rhythms of my life— from my initial weight loss and health goals (incredibly efficient cardio and strength exercises I could do mindlessly while watching Real Housewives after work!), incorporating social support (working out with my sister in law and nieces), to yoga with mindfulness and visualization exercises (to prepare to welcome my embryo into her new ‘home’ full of love and light, the morning of my transfer! ). Mary helped me stay strong and active through pregnancy even as I listened to my body and lightened my routine further and further. Now she is helping me safely get moving again with yoga exercises tailored to my needs (being gentle with my tailbone which I injured in birth) and finding other activities that fit with my lifestyle (exercises incorporating my baby!) The thing I love about Mary is that I can be successful with her, because she designs it that way. Past personal trainers made me feel like I had homework on top of everything else I needed to do, and it became an additional stressor to try to meet their demands. With Mary it feels like the opposite, like it is easier to do everything else I need to do when she is in my life. At times she has anticipated changes I needed to make ( in my goals, or exercise routine, or focus) before they were even on my radar, and helped me grow into the direction I needed next so I was ready when the need arose (like strengthening up my one- handed game and abs before baby!) On a personal note, meeting with Mary feels like having easy, quality time with a dear friend who is truly present and cares.

- Mary N.

Mary is very caring and attentive to what each client needs, what their limits are, and how far she can push them. She encourages and motivates me to do better, and yet she knows how much I am capable of. She’s always on time and ready to have a fun workout!

- Nafiseh S.