Mindful Monday: What positive things happened over the weekend?

Happy Monday!

Today, I want you to take 5 to 10 minutes to reflect on the past weekend and write down all of the great things that happened. For now, don’t focus on the negative things (although you can always come back to those and do some journaling, EFT tapping, etc. to help you process and let go of negativity).

I was grateful to spend all of Saturday relaxing. I played this game I love for several hours while watching The Office and Investigative Discovery. I only left the house to take my dogs for a walk and go to my favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner.

On Sunday, I was able to go to brunch with my in-laws to celebrate Father’s Day. I ordered some amazing French Toast and had great conversations. For dinner that night, I was able to spend it with my parents, sisters, brother, brother-in-law, nephews and niece, and husband. The food was great and the company was even better!

It also helped that the weather was absolutely AMAZING here in Maryland.

So what are some things that happened this past weekend that you are grateful for? Share with me in the comments – I’d love to hear about your weekend!

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See you next time!

=) Mary