Hari Om Healing Chant

Hey there, my awesome friend! Today, I’m going to guide you through a lovely healing chant/song/mantra called Hari Om. Hari Om is a Sanskrit phrase (the ancient language the first yogis spoke and that many yoga texts were written in).

“Hari” means “to remove” and “Om” is the sound of the Universe/God/Creation/whatever higher power you may believe in. As you do this chant, think about whatever you may want to remove from your life that no longer serves you. Alternatively, you can dedicate this chant and direct your energy to someone else who may be suffering.

Follow along with the video below for a fun, energizing, and healing meditative experience!

I explain the meaning of the chant and guide you through a breathing exercise in the beginning of the video. To shorten your experience, fast forward to one of the following times:


    • 2:40 for instructions, intention setting, and the chant
    • 4:18 for just the chant